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  • Fed up simply surviving?

  • Weary of the rat-race?

  • Over the commercialisation of joy?

Then STOP! Reclaim your spark and create a hi-vibe life of extraordinary happiness with the freedom to live your dreams.

Hi, I’m Margie. A few years ago, I was a sick, tired and stressed out corporate bitch, chronic insomniac and fibromyalgia sufferer. Today I live a life of freedom and joy where true happiness and wellness is my natural ‘state of being’.

Through loveable tips, practical tools, busting some myths and sharing kick-ass resources I will help you ignite your change. Be open to new possibilities. Shed those bad habits. Create a positive mindset. Relish a happy gut. Heal yourself younger. Dream bigger. Feel fit. Boost your energy. Have vitality. Do what you love. Thrive every day.

Your journey, like mine, from simply surviving to thriving isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s time to take responsibility for how you think and feel about your own health and ultimately what you create in your life. Jump on board and I’ll help bring out your zip, zing and zest, to make the most of every day and create the life you’ve always dreamt of living with the freedom to be your happiest self.


Ready to reclaim your spark?

Start now with these free resources as the first step towards creating your hi-vibe life.


Burnout Survival Kit

Feel like your fire has all but gone out? With these easy-to-follow practical tips in my free Burnout Survival Kit you’ll be able to draw a line in the sand and go from surviving to thriving.


10 Tips for Optimal Wellbeing

Wellbeing starts within. Learn the foundation to creating optimal health. There are simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start your journey towards a hi-vibe life.


Ignite Your Happiness in just 21 Days

Daily rituals are a key component to personal transformation. To support you on your happiness journey, download my free guidebook on positive daily rituals.

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I work with individuals who are ready to take responsibility to become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves; to find the space and courage to discover their purpose in life and how best to use their unique talents to contribute to the world and start living their truth.

If you’re ready to reclaim your spark and are seeking direction and the support to make it happen, then Happiness Coaching is for you. 


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