My journey from stressed out corporate bitch to now thriving has taught me that we have the power to create any life we desire. 

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Margie Kwan - Hi-Vibe Life

My Story. 

I’m an ex-chronic insomniac, fibromyalgia and anxiety sufferer and exhausted rat-race devotee.  

A few years ago, I was bouncing from pharma drug to ‘so called’ medical experts through to a bunch of holistic healers - desperate to find my happier me. It had to STOP!

My ‘aha’ moment...the simple and beautiful realisation that true and lasting health and happiness comes from within.

We have the power to create any life we desire, simply by changing our thoughts, habits and behaviours.

My journey from sickness to wellness sparked a hunger to devour all I could about what it takes to live a purpose-driven life of optimal health and wellbeing. My research helped me reverse two decades of sleeplessness. While learning to meditate has literally transformed my life. And through movement and embracing a clean and green plant-based diet, I now have so much more vitality.

By creating a positive mindset, I found the courage to go from feeling trapped and burnt-out to leaving the corporate world behind me. Now with bucket loads of energy I can take on anything! Living a more wholesome life has created the freedom to embrace working remotely and allowed me to live between Melbourne and beautiful Bali.

Conquering my illness and stress has been a gift for which I’m so grateful. It revealed my true mission in life, which is to inspire, educate and support people who are just like I was – burnt-out, sick, tired and wishing for a better life. Hi-Vibe Life comes from my heart - a place of learned wisdom and love – from me to you.

Let’s connect on Instagram and via my blog where I’ll be sharing all the nuggets of gold I’ve picked up and successfully implemented to live my best life - so you can too! Get in touch if you’d like to work with me and start living your hi-vibe life today.

I hope your day gives you reason to smile big.

Margie Signature Kiss xx

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